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Spurious Correlations


All researchers know that a strong correlation between two variables does not necessarily mean a cause-effect relationship between them. For example, if you found a positive and strong correlation between smart people and chewing gum, it doesn't mean that if you give people bubble gum, it will make them smarter. There is a website and a book (Spurious Correlations) dedicated to documenting with graphs and values, several strange correlations:   Remember: Correlation is not necessarily causation. Have you found any in your work?  

Spurious Correlations2022-09-13T09:25:58-03:00

Applying Machine Learning to Business Problems


In recent years, we have seen the Artificial Intelligence field of study appear on several news programs on TV, Radio and Internet. Words like Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are quickly incorporated into the vocabulary of the business world. Bearing in mind that many companies would like to apply these technologies in their businesses, I selected 3 tips for manages and executives getting start to apply Machine Learning in their companies and boost their chances of success. Tip 1: Differentiate a false expectation from a reality. Some people insist that Machine Learning solutions are like a silver [...]

Applying Machine Learning to Business Problems2022-09-13T10:03:08-03:00
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